Monitor, Analyze and Control using Circuits IO

In a world today, data play big part in our life. Data itself won’t give anything unless we can analyze it. It helps us to make a quick and better decision ahead. In industry 4.0, data play a big role in Internet of Things (IoT) which enhance automation of system through real-time controlled device across network.


Circuits IO offer real-time responsive monitoring system. (Coming soon)

Friendly API

Circuits IO offer simple and friendly API integration and usage.


Circuits IO offer real-time control to your connected device.


Circuits IO is designed to be used in responsive web environment.

Our platform simply works with almost all popular devices such as the ESP32, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and more. You can start your Free Account here at now.

Automate better
with Circuits IO

Responsive and friendly API usage built from scratch in managing input and output from your machine.